Hey, I’m Drew.

I help music lovers create extraordinary experiences through stylized performances + 🔥 HYPED dance parties.

I am the [mustachioed] face of the party for dozens of creatives, lovebirds, corporate folk, movers + shakers who require an EPIC PARTY EXPERIENCE for their guests. I want to take people on a journey through great music, painting a musical portrait with creative showmanship that stirs up impromptu dance battles, not-so-sober sing-a-longs, and insanely infectious energy. 

I mix vinyl records with my hands, reacting to the crowd in the moment. I mash up songs, drop samples + scratch live. My lifelong passion is MUSIC of all kinds—just like the early hip hop DJs Jazzy Jeff and Grandmaster Flash, I mix new + old, familiar + surprising, bangers + B-sides, creating a perfect melting pot of melodies, rhythms, decades + cultures. No two parties are ever the same, and we're usually astonished by the results. Your guests will talk about it for years. You will make your friends jealous. You will walk away with lifelong memories.