Welcome to Songstruck!

I am honored and humbled to call you my clients. I want your wedding to be the party of your life, and I will do all I can to make it rad! 

Submit your song requests*

Please log in to your personal planning account below to search through a gigantic song library and submit music requests. The login details should be in the 'Welcome to Songstruck' email you received when you became a client! I recommend submitting at least a handful of songs you absolutely must hear. You can certainly trust my musical expertise for the dance floor and cocktail hours, or submit song ideas for those times as well. Go wild if you must! :)

*Please note that all of your wedding-specific songs (for the Ceremony, Wedding Party Introductions, First Dance, Parent Dances, etc need to be entered into your Wedding Worksheet (included in your Welcome to Songstruck e-mail; scroll down for details).

Your guests can request music, too*

When you log in, you can see song requests your guests submit in advance, as well. I strongly encourage you to e-mail / Facebook your guests the link to submit song requests well in advance. If you have a wedding website, definitely throw it on there! Here is the link for you to share: http://www.songstruckdj.com/guestrequests

Here is the guest request page <-(Link)

*You have the ultimate say in which song requests I honor. If I feel they are not good songs for your wedding, I will simply not play them. :)

Other valuable planning info:

The Party-Oriented Wedding Worksheet

Filling this out is mandatory (but super fun)! :)

You should have received a comprehensive Wedding Worksheet to fill out digitally on Google Docs.  It auto-saves as you go, so you can see edits being made in real time.

There is a lot of valuable advice on planning the layout of your tables, correctly sizing the dance floor, timeline arranging for the best "party flow", etc. It's both thought-provoking and educational, I promise!

(This is best paired with some wine, craft beer, a fancy cocktail, and definitely my client-exclusive podcast below!)

Songstruck Mini-Audio-Guide / Podcast

The Wedding Worksheet above is all you need, but if you want some additional planning advice as told by yours truly in audio form, I've made a 15-episode mini-podcast about each facet of your wedding. Each 'episode' is only a few minutes long, and you can download them and listen on-the-go! Without further ado, I present:


The General Timeline of Communication with Drew

You will ALWAYS have access to me via e-mail if you have any questions. I try to respond as quickly as possible—sometimes in just a few minutes or hours. The weekends (which I consider Friday afternoon through Monday at high noon) will have some delayed response times, as I'm usually working an event or out of town.

6 Weeks—3 Months Out: The Venue Site Walkthrough

I'll want to organize a venue walkthrough with you both if I've never been to the venue. If our schedules do not align, no worries—I will set up my own walkthrough. During this time we'll figure out the layout, electrical outlets (for me), the lighting situation (including assessing the space for the beautiful LED uplighting I offer), parking, and loading/setup logistics.

5 Weeks Out: Prepare for My Second Payment

The second half of my performance fee is due next week (30 days prior to your event), including any additional options we agreed upon such as uplighting, ceremony audio/music coverage, extra labor, additional power requirements, etc. I will prepare an invoice to e-mail over to you showing you all fees. You may pay by check or money order if mailing in the payment. At this time I do not offer electronic payment—still working out a secure electronic solution for my clients.

4 Weeks Out: finish up my Wedding Worksheet

If you thought you were super busy with work, school, or life in general before now, you're in for a treat. This point is where time really speeds up! If you have not even touched your Wedding Worksheet, get cracking because it's due a week from now. It should take, at most, one hour to complete. Some people divvy up filling out the worksheet into different sessions. Some people tackle it over coffee or a craft beer. I've slaved away on making it as neat and clean and easy-to-use as possible for you!

3 Weeks Out: my Wedding Worksheet is Due! 

At this time, you should be completely finished with the Wedding Worksheet so I can review everything. We will schedule a final planning meeting for the following week, which can be done over Skype, Google Hangouts, a phone call, or even in-person—whatever you prefer! Sometimes couples will combine the Venue Site Walkthrough with the Final Planning Meeting into one session, and at times will even have multiple vendors present to "knock everything out at once". Depending on scheduling, a video chat may be the best option (and second-best to meeting in-person).

2 Weeks Out: final DJ planning meeting

The final planning meeting usually lasts about 20-45 minutes, and we will finalize all details on the timeline, music selections, and solve any last-minute questions or concerns you may have. If anything else comes up last-minute, be sure to let me know ASAP. 

The Day of Your Celebration!!

You will both have the time of your lives with friends and family from near and far. The music will rock, the energy will be buzzing, and the party of of your life will commence. You will let loose alongside your guests and a jam-packed dance party might happen. Before you know it, it's all over in a big swirl of emotions and memories and loveliness.

I'll be schlepping gear into the venue a few hours prior to the event and will try to say 'hi' if you're around. :)


You'll either be off on an adventure somewhere, going through a big transition, recovering from the party, or back to daily life—no matter where you end up, you'll still be coming down from the fun times with those you love. I'll send a follow-up Thank You e-mail, kindly request a quick review of my services for posterity, and keep in touch every now and again with big announcements or life developments. Maybe we'll even catch up some time over a craft beer, cocktails, or tacos! :)