+ What makes you a nontraditional wedding DJ?

I've built a reputation for delivering a rad party through exceptional music taste and mixing a soundtrack live on turntables that has even the most wedding-averse folks in attendance enjoying the evening. I work with couples who want to party with their guests as much as possible while keeping their formalities to a minimum. I have built a 250+ Song Do Not Play List that my couples love, and happily incorporate many genres typically left out in weddings. I tend to perform at unique, funky, or rustic venues rather than hotel ballrooms.

+ Who are your favorite clients?

Clients who want GOOD MUSIC to be a priority. Clients who put their guests' enjoyment equal to their own. Clients who want to build a relationship on trust, personal connection, and respect while we collaborate and make something awesome from a vibe-focused standpoint. I usually become friends with my clients. This is as true for the vendors I work with as it is for the clients who choose me!

+ Do you travel? Where are you based...

Based in San Diego, but I travel a lot. Most of my weddings take place in San Diego + L.A. Counties, as well as Orange County, Temecula, Santa Barbara, Palm Desert, and Baja CA. We can figure out logistics together. No destination is too far...

I have performed in Mexico, Central + South America, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands + backpacked/driven through a few dozen countries on 4 continents. As of 2019, I'm only asking for roundtrip airfare and to cover a few nights accommodation.

2019 DESTINATIONS: I'm DJing an American wedding in Montenegro, a Croatia post-wedding yacht cruise, and a wedding in Ensenada, MX.

+ Do you do many weddings?

I mostly do weddings, as these are my absolute favorite parties. I prioritize my skills and energy primarily into being the best damn wedding DJ I can be, always learning, collaborating with couples, and having a hell of a lot of fun along the way. I love that a bunch of disparate groups of people come together to let loose and bond through feasting, imbibing, and dancing. This may be the only time they'll all be together in one place, so they just want to have fun and celebrate a couple's new adventure. It's emotionally charged and full of beauty, and some wild stuff happens!

As a DJ, I have the unique power of music to help bridge gaps and build a certain mood and energy; I'm creating the perfect party environment. I get to explore the couple's music taste and showcase it for their friends and family in a way that makes sense. As an artist, I enjoy invoking a reaction—cheering, laughing, singing, frenzied dancing, total bliss. It all gives me wholehearted satisfaction that is hard to express in words. I'm privileged to partake in this revelry 30 times per year.

+ Do you MC and make announcements?

Absolutely—I'm comfortable on the mic and finely attuned to current social cues + context. I've served as MC for a few hundred weddings, plus corporate and other events, handling announcements + behind the scenes logistical coordination with other vendors. I prefer to let the music drive the party and keep off the mic otherwise.

+ What's it cost and what's included?

EACH WEDDING is 20-30 hours of total devotion of my heart + soul into delivering the best performance possible for each couple, plus trading out my weekends. DJ services start at $1750 for the cocktail hour and reception, which includes a high-end sound system by JBL, proprietary customized wedding-planning tools for clients and guests, all taxes, liability insurance, setup + teardown, and of course, my stylized talent on the 1s and 2s.

AVERAGE INVESTMENT: Since I handle event production as well as DJ performance, most of my clients allocate 5-10% of their total wedding budget to these aspects (i.e. DJ + Music, Lighting, Dance Floor Rental)

MY RATES VS. OTHERS: My services are considered upper midrange for San Diego wedding DJs who also handle event production, and midrange for OC + Los Angeles wedding DJs of similar caliber. Though nobody is ME!

SAVINGS: Some events require LESS labor, time, travel, planning + logistics. We can determine specific event pricing in an initial consultation. Occasionally I can match smaller budgets for partial trade of services. Military + Emergency Personnel receive a moderate discount.

+ Got any other ways you can make our party awesome?

Aside from delivering a stylized DJ performance on a high-end sound system, I offer ceremony and cocktail hour music and audio, event lighting packages, live musicians alongside me during the dance party, trusted vendor referrals, thought-provoking party-planning materials, oriental rug dance floor rental, and more.

+ How does overtime work?

Book me and I'll play your whole event. Anything over 7 hours DJ performance time is just a bit extra. I don't take breaks, usually work alone and put in 11-13 consecutive hours the day-of with multiple music setups + breakdown.

+ Do you DJ other events?

Absolutely. While the majority of my time and availability is dedicated to serving wedding clients, I have additional weekdays and occasional weekends available to perform at private and public events.

  • corporate events
  • private parties
  • concerts
  • festivals featuring spirits, ales, or tacos
  • nightlife (bars, lounges, restaurants)
  • charity events

+ What is the typical client process?

  1. MEETING: It starts with arranging an in-person meeting over coffee, tacos, or craft beer/cocktails, or a video chat if you're not physically in SoCal. Phone calls are okay for the busiest of my clients! We'll establish music ideas, event logistics, expectations, and recommended solutions.

  2. BOOKING: Once a decision is made, I draft up and send over a DJ service contract based on the initial package or services chosen. This is sent back to me with a 50% payment (or other payment schedule for larger productions), payable online or by check / cash.

  3. PLANNING: You'll receive comprehensive, customized planning materials, a client and guest music account, and additional information or vendor recommendations.

  4. VENUE WALKTHROUGH: This is a nice extra step based on my familiarity (or lack thereof) with the space, and availability of venue staff and/or client. This is best to determine complex logistics including event lighting requirements, layout of the various party spaces, loading/breakdown areas, parking, electrical, etc. Typically 2-4 months out.

  5. SECOND/FINAL PAYMENT DUE: 30 days from the event.
  6. FINAL PLANNING MEETING: Finalizing timeline, layout, music, headcount and various other logistics. Typically 2-3 weeks prior to the event.
  7. DAY OF EVENT! I arrive 2-3 hours prior to load in and set up. The party unfolds. I'll check in with you throughout the event, keep everyone informed and enjoying themselves, then get people moving on the dance floor. After the event is over, I pack up and usually am the last person there.
  8. POST-EVENT FOLLOW UP: I want to know how everything went, and to keep in touch! I am grateful for sharing in the experience with every client and frequently work with them in the future or for their friends or colleagues' events! :)

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