Based in San Diego + L.A. 

A majority of my clients are throwing weddings, epic ragers, and other dance parties in SoCal.


 This is really me!

I Will Travel the World For You. 

You're throwing a wedding, event, or some kind of dance party outside Southern California (or even the U.S.) and you are interested in me?

>> COUNT ME IN. <<

I get to combine two of my favorite things—travel & Getting people to dance their Asses off

I am now able to create parties almost anywhere on Earth! I want to build an epic dance party wherever you decide to celebrate, so I've made an effort to become a "Global Mobile DJ". Dance parties wherever, whenever. On a beach, on a boat, at a posh resort, at a festival, in a foreign city, in a penthouse, in front of a castle. I have a flight-ready, backpack-able DJ rig and NO TRAVEL FEES. All I need is a sound system wherever we are (but can even bring one if necessary!)

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 🇺🇸 U.S. & Canada 🇨🇦

So you've thought about how rad it would be to hire me, but you're not in Southern California? No worries—I'll come to you! I've spent time in 47 of 50 U.S. states along with several Canadian territories and can very easily get where I need to go. I will handle vehicle & sound system rentals. 

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🇲🇽 Mexico, Central & South America, & The Caribbean 🌎

I love Latin America & the Caribbean for their extremely diverse cultures and dance oriented musical stylings. Whether your wedding is in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil, or even Guatemala, I can bring the jams—international, Latin, & Caribbean. (I also speak Spanish!)

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🌍 Europe, Australia, New Zealand, & Parts of Africa 

Currently building my DJ resumé for Europe, and I've traveled throughout various countries there. Still looking to explore many cities in Africa, Australia, and NZ!