Hi future wedding guest! Prepare your dancing shoes.


Most Wedding DJs make people cringe. I am the Exception.

My name is Drew C. Peters. I am the mustachioed DJ/MC for the upcoming celebration. I hope you will groove your @ss off to my eclectic music selections, whether you tap your toes during cocktail hour or bust out on the dance floor later in the evening. I want you to have a rad time and let loose.

There's a reason my clients rave about me and consistently refer me to their all their friends in love. I am the alternative to the cheesy, crappy, out of touch wedding DJs that you see at so many other weddings

  • I AM gonna play VINYL RECORDS. Remember those?

  • I AM going to build the perfect energy for the wedding to become the party it's meant to be.

  • I AM going to make you dance your socks off (if you so choose).

  • I AM going to drop most of your requests into my sets, if they're good ;)

  • I AM going to bring you to nostalgia-town with good songs you grew up with or forgot about.

  • I AM going to rock a competition-worthy curly mustache.

  • I am NOT going to tell corny jokes, talk your ear off, be creepy or awkward

  • I am NOT going to play a lot of the overplayed, tired, and desperate tunes you're used to enduring at weddings

  • I am NOT gonna play CDs/iPods/pre-made mixes

Request songs you love in advance.

If you have a jam you really MUST hear on the dance floor, let me know.

If it's a great song and fits the wedding vibe and crowd tastes, I'll try to play it at some point on the dance floor. If it's super clichΓ©, overplayed, or a slow song, it'll probably be nixed by the couple.

How to request songs:

  • Sort through a gigantic library of music when you click the REQUEST SONGS button below.

  • Just enter the date of the wedding and the password " songstruck ".

NOTE: The password is always "songstruck"