Investing in the FUN of Your Celebration

I'm NOT a DJ for everyone. Rather, the right ones.

A few key ideas MY types of couples understand:

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  • This is one of the biggest and best nights of your lives, spent with a group of people who may never all be together again.

  • Choice of entertainment absolutely makes or breaks the party.

  • Shitty wedding DJs are a real thing. You want an AMAZING DJ instead.

  • Music & Dancing are as important a priority as food, alcohol, & your photographer. Not just an afterthought.

  •  I put in 25-30 hours of my own time & energy for you and your celebration; thusly, I'm a higher-end DJ.

  • In most cases, my pricing ranges from 1400 to 2200. This can include multiple music/sound setups, party lighting, portable power, budget-flexible solutions, live musicians, and many other logistics custom to your celebration. Set aside 7-10% of your budget.

 Me getting my cocktail on with Amy June from  Amy June Weddings & Events .  Photo credit .

Me getting my cocktail on with Amy June from Amy June Weddings & Events. Photo credit.

Meet me first and decide.

I meet with ALL prospective clients for a no-strings-attached consultation (or via video chat if you're not in San Diego) over craft beer / tacos / pizza to learn more about your personalities, music tastes, and overall wedding vision.

I'll show you why dozens of awesome couples have chosen me each year as "the alternative to the typical wedding DJ", then you decide for yourselves. Currently booking dates for 2017 and 2018.

Say hello right now!