Not JUST Weddings.

I fVcking love weddings and mostly do those. but I also love getting people to dance Anytime, Anywhere and want to expand my Musical reach in 2017.

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I am an Open Format DJ.

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This means I am proficient in mixing together dozens of styles, decades, and cultures into a seamless soundtrack that causes an uncontrollable urge to get up and dance. 

Some genres and sub-genres I incorporate include: electronic, funk, house, hip hop, club anthems, breakbeat, soul, dancehall, trap-twerk, bass, tropical, indie dance, disco, caribbean & latin, pop, gangsta rap, reggae, punk, swing, new wave, blues, classic rock, remixes, and live mashups.


 ►|| ♫ (sample event mixes coming soon...)

Other Events I Love to Perform At:


  • beachside parties

  • sunday fundays

  • social mixers

  • Charity events

  • anywhere we can rock out and dance without getting my gear confiscated...


  • anniversary celebrations

  • Summer parties in houses & mansions

  • poolside & rooftop terrace parties

  • parties on boats


Pricing for private and public events varies by event type, crowd size, length of performance, & equipment needed. Some performances are donated or bartered in-kind (aka trade), some range from $300-750, some vastly exceed that. Contact me for options!

Smaller Indie & Alternative Wedding Expos

I usually avoid huge wedding expos that showcase hundreds of vendors and are quite impersonal. I prefer smaller, "indie" wedding expos that focus on creative, unique options for DIY couples and personal attention to each attendee. I mix an eclectic soundtrack that creates a buzzing energy and impromptu dance parties for vendors and attendees alike. I love being invited perform as the sole DJ/MC for these!

Here are a few I've spun records at:

  •  TOASTED Wedding Expo (San Diego)
  •  Modern Love Show (San Diego)
  •  Something Lovely (Orange County)
  •  San Diego Pride's First Ever "Wedding Expo"

> > I would love to hear about your wedding expo! < <

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