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  Award-Winning DJ for rad couples in love.




It's 2017. Shouldn't your wedding DJ kick ass?

Your wedding is really an epic one-night party with those you love.

Build the perfect energy with a stylish, live DJ performance by Drew C. Peters.

The face of your party—curly mustache and all.

There's a reason my clients rave about me and consistently refer me to their friends in love. 

I am the alternative to the cheesy, out of touch, boring, and often crappy DJs that you see at so many weddings.

If you're hesitant on finding the right fit for your celebration, read on. You're in great hands. 

"Drew's a Musical Warlock, songs bend to his whim, and with the wide swath of ages that weddings typically bring out, our dance floor was packed the entire night, loving the energy and the line-up Drew brought with him. He put together one of the craziest awesome dance parties San Diego's ever seen!" - Stephanie D. (ecstatic bride)

  • I AM going to mix VINYL records LIVE with my hands.

  • I AM going to build the perfect vibe and energy at your wedding for you and your guests to party it up.

  • I AM going to make you dance your socks off (if you so choose).

  • I AM going to help you plan the party aspects of your wedding so you can let go and be yourself!

  • I AM going to personalize a seamless soundtrack to your wedding based on your music tastes.

  • I AM going to meet you over craft beer (or on a video chat) to give you a feel for my style/expertise first.

  • I AM able to dive deep into bass-heavy club jams, soaring festival anthems, punk rock, indie dance, deep house, soul, and really fking good rap, R&B, and hip-hop, if you so desire.

  • I AM going to rock a competition-worthy curly mustache.

  • I am NOT going to RESORT TO the overplayed, cheesy, and desperate tunes you're used to enduring at MOST weddings. 

  • I am NOT USING THE MIC FOR COMEDY HOUR, "HYPING" THE CROWD, or beING creepy & awkward.

  • I am NOT ABOUT CUTTING CORNERS USING Cds, ipods, or pre-made mixes. 


"Our family & friends want to relive the event over and over again, it was that good! People who normally don't dance, danced the night away." - Ailyn R. (ecstatic bride)

"Our family & friends want to relive the event over and over again, it was that good! People who normally don't dance, danced the night away." - Ailyn R. (ecstatic bride)

Sample Dance Floor Jams By:

21 Pilots - AC/DC - A-ha - Aretha Franklin - Ariana Grande - Avicii - The Beatles - Beastie Boys - Beck - Bel Biv Devoe - Beyoncé - Black Keys - Bob Marley - Bon Jovi - Bruno Mars - Busta Rhymes - Calvin Harris - Charli XCX - Chris Brown - Ciara - Coldplay - The Cure - Cypress Hill - Daddy Yankee - Daft Punk - David Bowie - DJ Khaled - Don Omar - Drake - Dr. Dre - Empire of the Sun - Elvis Crespo - Fats Domino - Flo Rida - Florence +The Machine - Foster the People - Franz Ferdinand - Fugees - Gorillaz - Gypsy Kings - Hall & Oates - Harry Belafonte - Iggy Pop - The Jackson 5 - James Brown - Jay-Z - Jennifer Lopez - Jeremih - Justin Bieber - Justin Timberlake - Kanye West - KYGO - Lady GaGa - Lil Jon - Ludacris - M83 - Macklemore - Madonna - Major Lazer - MGMT - Michael Jackson - Missy Elliot - Montell Jordan - Mystikal - Nelly - New Order - Outkast - Passion Pit - Pharrell Williams - Phoenix - Pitbull - Prince - Queen - Ray Charles - Rihanna - Rob Base - Run DMC - Shakira - Snoop Dogg - Stevie Wonder - Talking Heads - The Chainsmokers - The Temptations - Usher - Whitney Houston - Remixes - On-the-spot Song Mashups - More

I book on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't wait until it's too late—set up an initial meeting now! ↓↓


Professional. Attentive. Detail-Oriented. Wonderful Spirit.

( ↑↑  Actual words from a recent couple  ↑↑ )

 "The most awesome part of the night, that we still keep talking about, was Drew's awesome timing. We had requested a last dance song to line up with the Sea World fireworks at the end of the night and he nailed the timing. Right at a key moment in the song the fireworks started going off and it was perfect. Drew was very professional and a great bargain in our minds...he is so cool!" - Jenny (ecstatic bride) 

 "The most awesome part of the night, that we still keep talking about, was Drew's awesome timing. We had requested a last dance song to line up with the Sea World fireworks at the end of the night and he nailed the timing. Right at a key moment in the song the fireworks started going off and it was perfect. Drew was very professional and a great bargain in our minds...he is so cool!" - Jenny (ecstatic bride) 

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Word-of-mouth reputation is absolutely VITAL for professional DJs, and I have worked hard to maintain a good reputation through excellent service. I want to help you create the most fun, amazing party of your life. Couples love what I do so much, they often refer me to their friends in love, too! Will you be one of my couples?

I am highly recommended by other wedding professionals: a handful of awesome San Diego wedding venues, wedding planners, and wedding photographers who appreciate my professionalism, talent, and personality

Meet me first over craft beer / tacos / pizza / sushi / deliciousness. 🍻+🍣+🍕

I meet with all prospective couples in-person over deliciousness to learn more about your celebration.


I'm here for YOU from our first meeting to the last dance.


Helping you plan your entire wedding.

Planning a wedding while juggling work, school, deadlines, and the daily curveballs of life can be pretty stressful. Relax knowing you have a young-but-seasoned professional helping you the whole way. I've taken all of the guesswork out of planning your wedding so that you can have a great party with those you love alongside you

  • Helping you plan the **party aspects** of your wedding for maximum fun and no down-time or awkward moments, from the creative flow of the schedule to the best layout for epic dance parties.
  • Incorporating your music requests and tastes, no matter how vague, obscure or detailed.
  • Giving your guests the option to request songs long before the day of (with your veto power, of course).
  • Meeting you several times along the way: digitally + in-person, even at your chosen venue!
  • Tons of helpful planning materials for you online that I've created with experiences from other couples and past weddings I've performed!

Reach out to me now and we'll go from there! →


Services included + offered for your wedding.

Photo by the excellent Chris Brocoff. 

Photo by the excellent Chris Brocoff. 


  • Comprehensive Wedding Timeline Suggestions
  • Music Suggestions + Inspiration
  • Reception Space Layout Suggestions
  • Online Music Planning System
  • Venue Walkthrough with you
  • Additional meetings + assistance as needed


  • Music Coverage + Sound System
  • Tiny Wireless Microphones for Officiant and Couples
  • Live Musician Sound Coverage


  • Cocktail Hour thru the Last Dance.
  • Live Turntable Performance + Sound System
  • Wireless Microphones for Toasts + Announcements
  • Additional Sound Coverage for Larger Weddings
  • Behind-the-Scenes Coordination with Other Vendors
  • Directing the Flow and Timing of the Wedding


  • Transform your wedding venue into a colorful party atmosphere with LED Uplighting


Investment in your wedding's FUN.

I'm NOT a DJ for everyone. Rather, the right ones.

A few key ideas MY types of couples understand:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 2.38.34 AM copy_mini.jpg
  • This is one of the biggest and best nights of your lives, spent with a group of people who may never all be together again.

  • Choice of entertainment absolutely makes or breaks the party.

  • Crappy DJs are everywhere—and you wish to avoid them at all costs.

  • Choosing a DJ/MC is as HIGH a priority as booking a great photographer or wedding coordinator. Not just an 'afterthought'.

  • There's a huge difference between a seasoned professional wedding DJ and a "person who sometimes DJs". Professional = much less risk of things going wrong.

  •  I put in 25-30 hours of time for you, thusly I'm a higher-end DJ.

  • In most cases, my pricing ranges from $1100 to 2350. This range includes separate music/sound setups, ambiance lighting, portable power, budget-flexible solutions, live musicians, and many other logistics custom to your celebration. 

Me getting my cocktail on with Amy June from Amy June Weddings & Events. Photo credit.

Me getting my cocktail on with Amy June from Amy June Weddings & Events. Photo credit.

Meet me first and decide.

I meet with ALL prospective clients for a no-strings-attached consultation (or via video chat if you're not in San Diego) over craft beer / tacos / pizza to learn more about your personalities, music tastes, and overall wedding vision.

I'll show you why dozens of awesome couples have chosen me each year as "the alternative to the typical wedding DJ", then you decide for yourselves. Currently booking dates for 2017 and 2018.

Say hello right now!

Fun Facts with Drew Peters.

My Life Mission:

To entertain, educate, and inspire millions of people around the world. (Off to a decent start so far, but much more to be done!)

Trivia Bits:

  • Award-winning wedding DJ/MC and lifelong musician
  • San Diego native (super rare, apparently)
  • Extensively world-travelled (but only a fraction of the 'Places To Go' List thus far)
  • Taken (sorry, ladies and gents). 4 years together with an incredibly talented artist + sign language interpreter, Becky
  • Certified advanced freediver, hobbyist sailor, outdoorsman
  • Mental sponge for all things personal development, lifestyle design, entrepreneurship, biohacking, science, medicine, technology, meditation and music discovery–related
  • I fcvking LOVE California burritos...it's an addiction

My Beliefs as a DJ/MC:

Music has the power to bridge gaps and bring people together. The right song at the right time creates an incredibly fun, feverish energy, whether your celebration erupts into the dance party of the century or just a damn good time with those you love. The goal of a DJ/MC is to create the perfect atmosphere for an event, applying a broad range of skills to the live performance. Great music exists across all genres, decades, and cultures, and I personally reach far and wide with my music selections to keep even the most musically-discerning guests happy and surprised.

My DJ Roots:

My first pair of turntables came at 12, my first paid wedding gig at 13. After 11 years of performing countless parties, dances and weddings solely through word-of-mouth, I honed my focus on becoming an expert in wedding celebrations. In 2013 I created Songstruck and opened up shop, intending to create a personalized DJ experience for music lovers and those who want a super cool, untacky approach.

My Musician Background:

I have performed live as a drummer thousands of times in my career, to 250,000+ souls. My most successful music project yet is a pirate-themed band. The Dread Crew of Oddwood a seven-member, acoustic rock band I co-founded in 2008. I wrote some of the songs, played on a weirdly-designed drumkit (dubbed 'The Oddkit'), and sang harmonies / yelled wildly. 

√ Seven years of creative arguing

√ Three critically-acclaimed albums

One badass music video

√ Seven North American tours 

√ Tens of thousands of cult fans

√ No arrests or permanent injuries!

I performed with some amazingly talented people and had a lifetime of insane adventures in the band; mere words fall short. I resigned from the band's drumming duties in May 2015 to fully focus on the DJ business (full-time career) and other exciting stuff. See what I'm working on at the moment.


I want to perform for you lovely people out there!

I am so fortunate and honored to do what I love and be appreciated for it! It is the best feeling on Earth.

My clients tend to be fun and interesting people. We can talk music, travel, hobbies, lifestyle, and culture together. People whose love stories fill the best romance novels. Couples who are open and honest with each other and themselves. 

If you are one of these couples, I'd love the chance to meet with You and Your Love together over craft beer + tacos, or on a video chat, and talk shop about your big day and life in general! :)


Check Drew's DJ availability

I respond to EVERY inquiry as fast as possible (usually within a few hours unless I'm at an event or on the road) and I book on a first come, first served basis. Wedding dates may book 10-16 months in advance, so please check now! If you're not physically in SoCal, I will set up a video chat with you. I travel the world frequently and will do so for the right couple! :)

 - Drew

My Event Date: *
My Event Date:
i.e. the venue, types of music you enjoy, guest count, who referred you to me, if you love craft beer + tacos, if you're physically located in San Diego, and anything else you feel is relevant.

(Drew only uses this information to reach out to you about your event. Your info will never be sold or given to anyone—that's just not cool.)

Other Contact Info:


858-752- 1830


I live in downtown San Diego, CA. I will DJ almost anywhere in the world. 

Songstruck Destination Wedding San Diego California.png

What I'm up to now.


  • 2016 was my BEST year as a DJ/MC, both personally learning a bunch of new stuff and professionally as a business! THANK YOU to every single one of you who put your faith in my abilities to bring the party!! [( o/)]|::|[( o/)] 🔊


  • 2017 is about growth for me.

    • I have many wonderful couples already this year and will be adding on more couples into my schedule for 2017 and throughout 2018. (Say hi now)

    • I have an international  DJ set in the works for Europe. 

    • I am adding on a few awesome additions to SONGSTRUCK, and also delving into the world of producing dance music! Hopefully that will also take me down new roads to reach more ears (and dancing feet) all over the world. 

Upcoming Live DJ Performances:

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