More about me.

My Life Mission:

To entertain, educate, and inspire millions of people around the world. (Off to a decent start so far, but much more to be done!)

Trivia Bits:

  • Award-winning wedding DJ/MC and lifelong drummer, pianist, and songwriter
  • San Diego native
  • Extensively world-travelled
  • Taken (sorry, ladies and gents). 
  • Certified advanced freediver, hobbyist sailor, outdoorsman
  • Mental sponge for all things personal development, lifestyle design, entrepreneurship, biohacking, science, medicine, technology, meditation and music discovery–related
  • I fvcking LOVE California's an addiction

My Beliefs as a DJ/MC:

Music has the power to bridge gaps and bring people together. The right song at the right time creates an incredibly fun, feverish energy, whether your celebration erupts into the dance party of the century or just a damn good time with those you love. The goal of a DJ/MC is to create the perfect atmosphere for an event, applying a broad range of skills to the live performance. Great music exists across all genres, decades, and cultures, and I personally reach far and wide with my music selections to keep even the most musically-discerning guests happy and surprised.

My DJ Roots:

My first pair of turntables came at 12, my first paid wedding gig at 13. After 11 years of performing countless parties, dances and weddings solely through word-of-mouth, I honed my focus on becoming an expert in wedding celebrations. In 2013 I created Songstruck and opened up shop, intending to create a personalized DJ experience for music lovers and those who want a super cool, untacky approach.

My Musician Background:

I have performed live as a drummer thousands of times in my career, to 250,000+ souls. My most successful music project yet is a pirate-themed band. The Dread Crew of Oddwood a seven-member, acoustic rock band I co-founded in 2008. I wrote some of the songs, played on a weirdly-designed drumkit (dubbed 'The Oddkit'), and sang harmonies / yelled wildly. 

√ Seven years of creative arguing

√ Three critically-acclaimed albums

One badass music video

√ Seven North American tours 

√ Tens of thousands of cult fans

√ No arrests or permanent injuries!

I performed with some amazingly talented people and had a lifetime of insane adventures in the band; mere words fall short. I resigned from the band's drumming duties in May 2015 to fully focus on the DJ business (full-time career) and other exciting stuff. See what I'm working on at the moment.


I want to perform for you lovely people out there!

I am so fortunate and honored to do what I love and be appreciated for it! It is the best feeling on Earth.

My clients tend to be fun and interesting people. We can talk music, travel, hobbies, lifestyle, and culture together. People whose love stories fill the best romance novels. Couples who are open and honest with each other and themselves. 

If you are one of these couples, I'd love the chance to meet with You and Your Love together over craft beer + tacos, or on a video chat, and talk shop about your big day and life in general! :)